04.01 Wrote about The Dead's Deathsteps to Oblivion for Echoes and Dust.
14.01 Wrote about Drums Are For Parades/Sardonis split for Echoes and Dust.
17.01 Saw Carcass live at BIG69 Festival, Bombay.
28.01 Subscribed to Rdio Premium.
02.02 Received my B. Arch certificate.
08.02 Rode to Manori.
11.02 Wrote about Torpor's debut LP for Echoes and Dust.
16.02 Started listening to Workbench Podcast.
30.03 Talked to Lauren and Nats from Torpor for Echoes and Dust.
08.04 Saw Cannibal Corpse live at Cult Fest, Bangalore.
17.04 Used the word 'obvs' in a tweet.
20.04 Started watching Black Metal & Brews videos.
25.04 Got a bunch of goodies from Skulltoaster.
28.04 Wrote about King Woman's Doubt EP.
01.05 Revealed 'Hawk Has Weapon', poster for Conan's Edinburgh gig and debuted my logo.
02.05 Launched my portfolio website - anoopkbhat.in.
11.05 Took a long vacation to Kashmir.
26.05 Picked up Acid Bath titles on vinyl for less than a dollar.
06.06 Saw Napalm Death and Inquisition, live at BOA, Bangalore.
07.06 Revealed 'Gadhimai', t-shirt art for Jugaa.
12.06 Made myself a nice set of business cards.
15.06 Crossed 100 followers on Instagram.
18.06 Got my first Moleskine.
23.06 Wrote about Forn's debut for The Slumbering Ent.
30.06 Quit my job.
05.07 Wrote about Shepherd's fantastic debut for Broken Amp.
07.07 Made my first purchase on Bandcamp.
11.07 Took a short vacation to Goa.
14.07 Launched my Cupick store, revealed 'Pentacle of Doom'.
17.07 Finished cataloging my entire CD collection on Discog.
20.07 Revealed 'Manotaur', t-shirt design for Wintergate.
24.07 Made my first drawing on a Moleskine.
25.07 Crossed 200 followers on Instagram.
27.07 Bought an iPhone.
11.08 Sent my work to the UK.
15.08 Announced second run of 'Butterfowl' prints.
18.08 Crossed 300 followers on Instagram.
21.08 Took a sabbatical to Mangalore.
27.08 Announced 'Self Help' art tour.
31.08 Got featured on Pool Magazine, Vol. 61.
31.08 Cupick featured 'Pentacle of Doom'.
01.09 Took up a new job, moved to Bangalore.
03.09 Saw Outlaw and Killer's Breed, live at Bangalore.
06.09 Saw Wintergate, Solar Deity, Armament and Antakrit, live at Insurrection, Bangalore.
11.09 'Self Help' art tour kicked off @ KJM Studios, Hereford.
09.10 Finished logo for Outlaw.
10.10 Saw Demilich and Anatomia, live at TSFV, Bangalore.
28.10 Revealed 'El Ciclo del Automata', t-shirt design for La Armada.
04.11 Announced the second leg of the 'Self Help' art tour.
10.11 Announced my monthly email newsletter.
14.11 Saw Slash & The Conspirators, live at Bangalore.
27.11 Switched to Apple Music.
28.11 Cupick announced the artists for its Limited Edition 2016 Calendar.
30.11 Got interviewed by DesiCreative.
01.12 Set up a Trello board for my freelance work.
06.12 Submitted my EOY list for Echoes and Dust ROTY feature.
12.12 Got featured on Creative Gaga, Nov/ Dec '15.
14.12 Sent my first ever newsletter to 30 subscribers.
18.12 Revealed 'Mangalore Summers', my piece for the Cupick 2016 Calendar.
20.12 Travelled to Manori.
22.12 Stopped using Rdio.
26.12 Took a weekend trip to Puttur.
29.12 Pulled the website down for enhancements.
31.12 Travelled to Shishila for New Years Eve.